Sydney Metro gone…

along with any credibility that NSW Labor didn’t have left any way.

Story here.

At a quick glance, there’s funding for extended light rail, including a CBD line. Also money for bike paths. A heavy rail line to the North West has been announced, which is a good thing, but construction will not begin until 2017, which is a bad thing.

The plan includes lots of money for roads, which is also a bad thing, but I’m not sure how much of that was already committed and simply re-announced.

There do seem to be some significant new heavy rail projects, which I am yet to look at in any detail however Sydney’s west seems set to benefit.

The metro plan had the potential to increase the reach of Sydney’s public transport, not just the capacity, and that had me a little excited. But the real trajedy is the NSW Government’s inability to make a transport pla and stick to it. The likely culprits here are:

1. The plan was crap in the first place, the result of Ministerial whims, politicking and conflict between the departments of Treasury and Transport rather than good policy and evidence;

2. Whether the original plans were good or bad, Ministerial whim and politicking forced the changes rather than good policy and evidence;

3. Various combinations of the above.

If anybody can find a decent alternative Government in NSW that won’t come in, break promises and slash budgets (including the Department of Community Services, as history has warned), please let us know!


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