Bigotry lives…

in Fulton, Missippi.

My amazement that this can happen, with full support of teachers and parents, exposes my naivety about the world and the small minded, nasty people who populate it. Short version: Lesbian student Constance McMillen is told she cannot attend the prom with her same-sex date. A court over-ruled the school board. The school board canceled the Prom. They then organised an alternate Prom that Constance could attend. Then they organised a party at a separate location, at the same time, and invited all but seven students. The other seven went to the alternate prom. The school principle and teachers chaperoned at the party, thus sanctioning the exclusion of these students.

Anyway, if this outrages you as much as it does me, the contact details of Itawamba County Schhol District Board can be found on this page. Feel free to email and let them know what people the world over think of their actions.

The superintendent can be found here.

Funnily enough, their motto seems to be “Striving to provide a quality education for every child”. Unfortunately this only seems to extend to every child of endorsed sexual orientation.


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