Is Abbott serious?!?

Tony Abbott has suggested banning the dole for people under 30 “in a bid to entice the unemployed to head west and fill massive skill shortages in the booming resources sector”.

I could be wrong (and am not motivated enough to fact check right now…), but as I understood it the major labour shortage in mining areas was for skilled workers. So Tones going to assume that all the unemployed people under 30 (and yes, this policy effects all of those people, not a targeted few) have the skill set required by the mining industry.

I wonder what the mining industry think of Abbott’s plan to staff their heavy machinery and design their mines with finance workers and people who’s highest training attainment is the school certificate, rather than skilled labour and engineers.

Now, a plan to assist the unemployed with greater incentives and opportunities to upskill in their downtime from work, that would be a great idea. But no, Tony would rather have us force them into scraping poverty.

With all these crazy ideas the Opposition leader has been coming up with, perhaps he will retire from parliament with the moniker “Tony ‘Brainfart’ Abbott”. Childish, yes, but I’ll do my¬† best to make it stick.


2 responses to “Is Abbott serious?!?

  1. I think it’s fascinating that someone who is always portraying themselves as pro-family clearly assumes that there is no-one under 30 with a partner and/or children. If you’re not yet 30 apparently you have no responsibilites and can go where the government blows you.

    He talks about incentives but it sounds like punishment to me. How dare you be out or work/study in the lucky country?! ;p

  2. Unfortunately I don’t think Abbott has thought through the impacts of this crazy plan at all. At least, not beyond “stigmatise minority, impress upon conservative voters… win election?”

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