Health test

Health reform is not just about hospitals.

If the Government wanted remove inefficient costs from the provision of health services,they could well start by breaking the cartel that GPs run, charging around $40 for a three minute consultation to get a renewal for regular medications. Say, the contraceptive pill or cholesterol drugs.

Oh, wait… that one slipped through quietly. Hardly made the main-stream media at all, given the resistance the AMA normally put up. The Telegraph gave it a 2 cm column yesterday, which didn’t make it online.  Fairfax seem only to have picked it up days late.

Is this a common sense reform… that the media are allowing Rudd to pass without ridiculous kerfuffle?
Anyways, more of that I reckon. And whilst you have the Pharmacists happy, take the opportunity to see what Woolworths and Coles and do to lower pharmaceutical distribution and retail costs. But only if you can be sure that they don’t ruin competition.


One response to “Health test

  1. Wow, I hadn’t heard about this, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    My doctor didn’t do any health checks when I said I wanted the pill anyway, despite the fact that my cholesterol is high and there’s a family history, so the whole ‘oh no patient health’ thing makes me snort. :p

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