A great day for Australian sport

First up was the Socceroos in the World Cup this morning, defeating Serbia 2-1 with goals to Tim Cahill and Brett Holman. Not enough to get through to the next round, with our for and against still smarting from the opening 0-4 loss to Germany. However, enough to ensure that pride can be carried forward by those in the Australian jersey. Bring on the Asia Cup and bring home some silverware!

And then to the Game They Play in (Australian) Heaven… a leadership challenge to determine our next Prime Minister! With a certain Labor Senator bold enough to twitter her support for a certain candidate, the ascendancy of Australia’s first female Prime Minister seems sown up.

(warning: change of voice)

Julia, here is my wish-list:

Get rid of Conroy and scrap the net filter.

Take a new, improved carbon policy to the election. If a replacement ETS cannot be sewn together in time, provide some intermediate solutions such as a carbon tax, a ban on new coal-fired power stations (can this be done at a Federal level) an mitigation measures fr low-incme households and the community sector.

Settle the Health shake-up, preferably by resolving the issue of where Population / Community Health sits in the structure, and increased support for Mental Health.

Julia, your lucky I’ve been up since 4:30 watching the other game or I’d have more off the top of my head. But if you can koc these off for me, it would be much appreciated.


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