Boskoi: edible landscapes

Boskoi is a guide to edible urban wild-food sources, combining the ancient skills of foragers with current open source media.

Now, this right here is very cool.

Boskoi is a mobile phone app (android) that helps you geo-tag edible fruits, herds, nuts etc on public space in your community. The upshot is that you can also use the app to forage for fresh food in your community, based on the tips of others!

You too can be Rene Redzepi, though perhaps without the fancy restaurant.

As they say at the website:

Boskoi is a free, opensource mobile app that helps you explore and map the edible landscape wherever you are. Named after the greek word for grazer or browser the app lays out a map of local fruits and herbs and allows users to edit and add their own finds. Made by the foragers at Urban Edibles in Amsterdam Boskoi is an Ushahidi-based app that comes with a few foraging guidelines.

Of course, as with any social media the tool is only as useful as the size of its community. Originating in the Netherlands, users have spread out through the UK, Thailand and the Unites States… but unfortunately not Sydney.

Come on Sydney, even Melbourne has a (solitary) entry! Actually, mushrooms growing near Mornington Peninsula Airport but that’s close to Melbourne.

I’m downloading the app now, and am going to further explore what I think are some local wild fennel to list. If you know of any accessible fruit trees, or macadamias or herbs, I encourage you to join in! Fun! and tasty of course.


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