Albanese twirls like a pole dancer

Anthony Albanese has embarrassed himself with comments quoted on SMH online today.

He continues to push the line promoted by Luke Foley and others that the Greens have risked putting Pauline Hanson into NSW Parliament.

This is clearly an attempt bu Labor to take attention from their embarrassing self-destruction at the NSW State election, and paint a Greens vote as a risky option. But no-one is listening, because of the facts of the situation, outlined below:

1. If Labor hadn’t disgraced themselves so badly, and had held onto even one of the five upper house seats that they lost, we would not be in this situation.

2. The Greens look likely to have picked up the last seat, not Pauline Hanson.

3. Greens preferences to Labor would have made squat all difference, because the Greens sit on more votes than Labor, meaning that Green preferences won’t even be distributed. Not only that, but the Greens have more votes than Pauline Hanson, a lead likely to be extended following the distribution of Labor preferences.

4. Given the likely result that the Greens pick up the final upper house seat, Labor’s ineptitude have seen a loss of four seats from the progressive side of the house to the conservative side. Seats that they not have the opportunity to regain for another eight years. This, not the lower house majority and change of Government, is the most disastrous outcome of the election.

This campaign of misinformation shows that NSW Labor has not learnt that the public has rejected their politics of lies and spin. It’s going to be a cold decade in Sussex Street.


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