Vale Trevor Davies

Inner South Sydney has lost another stalwart and a man dedicated to social justice.

This morning, 14 June 2011, Trevor Davies suffered a heart attack and due to subsequent complications, passed away.

Many members of the Darlington/Redfern community, and beyond, will know Trevor through his efforts with the South Sydney Herald, the newspaper of which he was founding editor. The newspaper began as a community newsletter that Trevor started out of the South Sydney Uniting Church, and has grown to become a well-regarded independent source of news on local events and issues.

Trevor was a senior member of the South Sydney Uniting Church, the long-term Secretary of the Darlington ALP Branch and a founding member of the REDWatch organisation.

I came to know Trevor through my involvement with The Settlement. Trevor was quick to assist through his contacts with the local member and her office, and the South Sydney Herald has always been available to publicise Settlement events or issues. Trevor was very accepting of a blow-in such as myself becoming involved in the area, and was generous with his background knowledge of the local scene.

It is people of Trevor’s ilk that shift the balance of power between the welfare of local communities and government policy. This has been particularly important in a gentrifying inner city location, with distinct pockets of disadvantage.

Trevor recently celebrated his 55th birthday.

Update: Tanya Plibersek pays respect to Trevor in Parliament.


One response to “Vale Trevor Davies

  1. Trevor gave our nichols street community group considerable support over many years by attending local meetings, supporting issues and will be sadly missed

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