I enjoyed… #3

Wow, the first draft of this post is from 17 April. I’ve let things slip for a few months…

Pina is a film that was screened a part of the German Film Festival in Sydney. It is about the life and work of the wonderfully creative choreographer Pina Bausch, and made by Wim Wenders. Whilst the film was years in planning, Pina passed away only months before filming began. This  led to an interesting exploration of Pina’s life via friends and collaborators close to Pina as they reflect on her influence and character.

This is a wonderful movie. Firstly, Wim Wenders is able to free the dance from the stage, and therefore use different backgrounds to reinterpret the works. The film pioneers new use of 3D technology. As Wim Wenders stated in the Q&A session following the screening, it was the technology that allowed him to find the ‘language’ of dance on film. The difficulty in finding this language was something that he and Pina had discussed for years.

For me, the film was an introduction to an amazing choreographer. I’m not really a dance buff, but you don’t need to be to enjoy Pina Bausch’s work. Her choreography is both playful and emotional.

The way that Wim Wenders has used 3D is also very important. He has stripped away the gimmicks, and explored how 3D can be used to enhance the action, rather than over-ride it. It is very subtle, but suits the playful nature of Pina’s choreography and the dancers that she chose to work with.

I think that this film will be influential because of it’s approach to the 3D technology, but hopefully it will also introduce others to the delightful Pina Bausch, as it did me.

I recommend hunting the film down at a cinema somewhere, or harassing your local cinema to put on a screening.


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