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Are Australian politicians overpaid?


A nice pithy comment, I thought, in the way that a 140 character limit encourages. I didn’t expect it to be too controversial, especially given the low standing of our politicians at the moment. But, as happens on the internets, I found myself pitched as the opponent of meritocracy, attempting to lower the standards of politicians by discouraging our best and brightest from applying.

I have a lot of writing that I’m supposed to be working on at the moment, so I thought the best way to procrastinate (sorry Antoinette and Geoff) would be to explore this question in a blog post: Do we get good value from our politicians? Continue reading

Albanese twirls like a pole dancer

Anthony Albanese has embarrassed himself with comments quoted on SMH online today.

He continues to push the line promoted by Luke Foley and others that the Greens have risked putting Pauline Hanson into NSW Parliament.

This is clearly an attempt bu Labor to take attention from their embarrassing self-destruction at the NSW State election, and paint a Greens vote as a risky option. But no-one is listening, because of the facts of the situation, outlined below:

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NSW election

The votes have been counted and the headline results are as predicted months ago. The only talking point of interest, at this stage, has been reflections on the Greens vote. Various commentators have called the Greens result a disappointment, given that they went into the election as favourites in Balmain and strong chances in Marrickville, and on current vote appear Labor appear to have held Marrickville and likely to hold Balmain (though it’s very close).

But was the Greens result really so disappointing? What were the positives for the progressive Left?

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Mother nature can be a bitch, but what does that make of us?

It has been a harsh time for many communities following recent Australian and New Zealand natural disasters. 35 have died in the floods on the East Coast of Australia, with most of the deaths occurring in Queensland. The latest news is of 75 confirmed deaths in Christchurch following the earthquake, with more expected to be counted as the recovery gets underway. In addition to the toll on human life, an amazing amount of environmental and economic damage has been wrought.

But it has taken just one nut-bag clinging to power to see around 300 people taken from their families and this world; reports continue of unarmed, peaceful protesters being randomly fired upon, and bombs being dropped in cities and towns. Domestic and international supporters of the Gaddafi regime are of course also responsible.

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