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Would expanding the GST actually be regressive?

gst_toonMartin Parkinson has kicked off another round of speculation about increasing GST revenue through either increasing the rate or expanding the base.

Raising taxes is the number one defence against budget cuts in areas that we want to protect, or new areas of social expenditure. In spite of this, calls to increase the GST are consistently met with opposition from the Left on the basis that they consider the GST to be a regressive tax. A tax that collects a higher percentage of the income of from poor people than rich people is a bad thing.

Given the consistency of these views, it might surprise to read that broadening the GST, or even raising it, is not necessarily regressive. In fact, in one area, broadening the base of the GST is actually create a more progressive tax system in and of itself. Continue reading

NSW election

The votes have been counted and the headline results are as predicted months ago. The only talking point of interest, at this stage, has been reflections on the Greens vote. Various commentators have called the Greens result a disappointment, given that they went into the election as favourites in Balmain and strong chances in Marrickville, and on current vote appear Labor appear to have held Marrickville and likely to hold Balmain (though it’s very close).

But was the Greens result really so disappointing? What were the positives for the progressive Left?

Continue reading

Income inequality vs equality of outcome

Responding to  Christopher Joye, Matt Cowgill says it very well over at his blog We are all dead. Continue reading

The lady doth protest too much

The poor elite private schools. Not actually poor, we now know better how much money their students have, but unfortunate.

Well, not unfortunate as in hard-done-by, actually they are quite fortunate. I think I mean that they get a bad rap by society… oh crap, I give up. They’re a pack of entitled whingers. Continue reading