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Income management

Below is an article I submitted to South Sydney Herald, and that ended up published as a guest editorialĀ in the October edition.

It was initially going to focus on how income management could effect residents in south Sydney, especially given the high concentration of disadvantage in parts of that community. However, during my research I realised that there would be significant impacts on tenancy rights coming out of the Bankstown trial, that I hadn’t seen raised elsewhere. So that’s where the focus went.

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The Scales of Justice in Redfern

Illegal Parking cnr Phillip & Marriott sts Redfern 9 July 2011

It might be a small thing, but abuse of power even on this scale has impacts on the level of trust that the community puts in its Police Service. Without the community’s trust, the Police will be seen to have failed in their role. Continue reading

NSW election

The votes have been counted and the headline results are as predicted months ago. The only talking point of interest, at this stage, has been reflections on the Greens vote. Various commentators have called the Greens result a disappointment, given that they went into the election as favourites in Balmain and strong chances in Marrickville, and on current vote appear Labor appear to have held Marrickville and likely to hold Balmain (though it’s very close).

But was the Greens result really so disappointing? What were the positives for the progressive Left?

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Great news for The Settlement

The NSW Member for Marrickville, Carmel Tebbutt, has announced that The Settlement is to receive a grant under the Community Building Partnerships (CBP) grants.

The Settlement provides social housing and community programs in Darlington, Sydney. Due to it’s location, most of the families that use The Settlement have a connection to The Block in Redfern, though services are open to all community members. Continue reading