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NSW election

The votes have been counted and the headline results are as predicted months ago. The only talking point of interest, at this stage, has been reflections on the Greens vote. Various commentators have called the Greens result a disappointment, given that they went into the election as favourites in Balmain and strong chances in Marrickville, and on current vote appear Labor appear to have held Marrickville and likely to hold Balmain (though it’s very close).

But was the Greens result really so disappointing? What were the positives for the progressive Left?

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Strike! Strike!: and why Peter Roebuck is a twat

The Herald editors are complicit in allowing his nonsense to be published.

I won’t be providing any link love, but Roebuck’s latest column on Herald online is a piece of erroneous culture-war mongering, welfare bashing rubbish thinly disguised  as a list of the best cricketing poms since 1964. Continue reading

A great day for Australian sport

First up was the Socceroos in the World Cup this morning, defeating Serbia 2-1 with goals to Tim Cahill and Brett Holman. Not enough to get through to the next round, with our for and against still smarting from the opening 0-4 loss to Germany. However, enough to ensure that pride can be carried forward by those in the Australian jersey. Bring on the Asia Cup and bring home some silverware!

And then to the Game They Play in (Australian) Heaven… a leadership challenge to determine our next Prime Minister! Continue reading

Anthony Mundine is a pork chop

Anthony Mundine has been reported urging Rugby League players to strike because $600,000 contracts are akin to “slave labour”. Continue reading